Hospitals In Philadelphia – Three Of The Top Rated Facilities

Philadelphia is well known for many things whether it is in the professional industry or with regards to the extensive recreational opportunities. The medical facilities in particular are amongst the most renowned, and doctors are falling all over themselves trying to find posts in and around the area. Here are three of the top rated hospitals in Philadelphia you should get to know about.

Mercy Philadelphia Hospital

Mercy Philadelphia hospital is renowned for its services particularly when it comes to acute care and emergencies. It has recently received the Premier Award for its quality from the Premier Healthcare Alliance. Within the hospital are a number of divisions, each of which is accredited and acclaimed in its own right. The radiology division has received numerous accreditations for ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine. The cancer, heart and stroke divisions have also been named for outstanding performance. This is just some of why Mercy is one of the top hospitals in Philadelphia.

Temple University Hospital

Temple University is one of the great academic hospitals in Philadelphia. It is best known for its superb clinical training of students and doctors who are specializing. It boasts over 700 beds and services a comprehensive range of people in the surrounding community. It is one of the major attractions for those hopefuls who want to study at the Temple University School of Medicine.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

The Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals are well known for their attention to patient-centered care. They feature world renowned specialists in the fields of orthopedics, gynecology, pulmonology and rehabilitation, to name but a few. As with any academic hospital the teaching that future doctors get is top drawer. The state of the art equipment and skilled team of specialists is a big part of why these are top hospitals in Philadelphia.